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With 15 years of experience under our belt, the drug testing services of McDonough have served people in many areas including testing. We have established ourselves being the most trusted drug testing centre in Texas and provide accurate results for each of the lab tests. We carry out our responsibility by being diligent and following protocol with each workplace drug testing service.

Services Offered in Our Drug Testing Center in Texas

We have an array of alcohol and drug testing services for various purposes for the people of Texas. Each of our tests can be from 5 panels to 22 panels according to the requirements of the customer. Some of these tests are:

  1. DOT Urine and Hair Test
  2. Workplace Drug Testing Services
  3. Breath Alcohol Testing Services
  4. Other Lab Testing Services

Facilities Offered By Our Drug Testing Labs in Texas

Our experienced and proficient staff can carry out any kind of lab test without disruption and in a safe environment. Our drug testing labs are well equipped with the latest technology to handle a wide range of drug, alcohol, and DNA testing needs. Additionally, our team of drug testing centres is fully trained in these specific, highly-regulated tests.

Drug Testing Services of McDonough is reputed for meeting the various local, federal, state and industry-specific standards in Texas. We strive to offer superior services with fast and reliable results for all lab tests. We can also help you create and implement a workplace drug testing program that will keep your workplace healthy and safe.

Texas Laws & Regulations For Workplace Drug Tests

Texas laws and regulations for workplace drug testing services vary depending on the size of the employer. But the state certainly follows some general rules and regulations that apply to all employers. An employer needs to provide a legitimate reason for using workplace drug testing services. You might also have to notify all your employees before implementing a workplace drug testing policy. Depending on the nature of the business, employees may have the right to refuse the drug test. For example, a DOT employee can never refuse to take a workplace drug test.

Furthermore, an employer must be prepared to take care of the consequences after getting the results from the drug testing centre. If an employee is tested and fails the test, the employer must follow a procedure where they can either challenge the results or get help from a substance abuse professional, if required. Similarly, a breath alcohol test can be taken depending on the organization an employee works in.

Preparing For an Alcohol & Drug Test

If you are scheduled to take a drug test or any other type of lab test, you are required to prepare yourself beforehand. Make sure whether you are an individual or an employee working for an organization, you have a proper understanding of the test you are about to take. You will be able to anticipate what to expect from the test and prepare yourselves accordingly.

If you wish to take an alcohol or drug test, the best way to avoid getting a positive result is to not consume any alcohol or drugs a few days before the test. Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast before any type of test you are about to take. This will allow you to stay alert and hydrated. Make sure to reach our drug testing centre in Texas on time. Your lab test will be performed smoothly in no time.

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