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Drug Testing Services of McDonough (DTSM) has the mission of becoming America’s most reputable provider of point of care diagnostic solution, health screening, wellness & innovative medical services. With over fifteen (15) years of medical experience in helping patients, our staff is committed, dedicated, and highly motivated to conduct an in-depth needs assessment of each client to ensure that a unique program is designed that respects the individual operational needs of each organization. The level of dedication and support we provide in maintaining and growing our relationship with our clients truly sets us apart. Whether it is for blood tests, DNA/Paternity tests, Drug & Alcohol Testing services, our customers trust their test results because of our strong alliances with leaders in the field of medical testing. All our programs are operated in accordance with requirements of the governing body and or with federal, state, and municipal regulations. Regulatory compliance, ensuring fitness for a specific job function, and combatting illicit drug use and alcohol misuse in the workplace is critical to providing a safe environment in which we can all live and work. Drug Testing Services of McDonough background screening, clinical services drug and alcohol testing and occupational health management can provide an excellent return on investment, and risk mitigation is a priority in every workplace. From our on-site and mobile concierges to our in-house facility services, our staff, services, and overall experience are unique to the drug testing industry

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